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"Heya Girls!"
At the tender age of four, I invented a time travel machine. Seriously. Unfortunately I ran aground on a tiny little math problem and the machine was never built. But I still love time travelling! Especially to past parallel worlds where everything is epochal and different, where curiosities are permanently blowing up in one’s face and where history has it all. Just like this week: You don’t even need a machine to go back to the Biedermeier. Karoline Spalt, also known from her women’s chess club in the Café Schopenhauer – organizes Austria’s 1st chess ball! The journey takes you to Paris of 1810, where Queen Caroline of Nepal brought into being a legendary chess masked ball in honour of her brother Napoleon. This is exactly what we can expect in the historic hall of mirrors of the dance school Strobl tonight. Lots of odd and amusing activities related to chess, music and dance of that time are on the programme. So you’ll for example fight against “mechanic Turks”, simulate a game in the chess quadrille and cut a fine figure in the anglaises. Nerds attend the preparatory course the previous before. Plus: Costumes are a must!
Wishing you a lovely week
Your CitySpotterGirl
Dance school Strobl,
 Kalvarienberggasse 28a, 1170 Vienna. January 30. From 18:30. 45 €. Web
Cover: Danhauser
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Temporary maronski outlet
Good news for fans of local design bargains! From now on, the super cool and pleasantly wearable label maronski of dressing-up queen Martina Meixner is not only available in her shop in Neubaugasse but also, hurrah, hurrah, in the new maronski outlet three side streets away. Until the end of April (for the time being), the charming vintage rooms of the former concept store “Lieblingsplatz“ await bargain hunters with selected individual pieces and remaining stock for 30% off! You’ll also find some of the “Vernazza“ dream dresses and “Vroni” super shirts of her latest collection Changes & Heros.
Lieblingsplatz, Stiftgasse 11, 1070 Vienna. Until April 30. Tue-Fri 11:00-19:00, Sat 10:00-18:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Carry Hauser
Schatz & Hauser: In an age of extremes
Murder, interwar misery and butter bread dreams – that’s what art and history enthusiasts can discover in the Wien Museum as of today. Sketched and painted by the two Austrian artists Otto Rudolf Schatz and Carry Hauser who reflected on the “age of catastrophe” from 1920 in their graphic artworks and drawings. Never heard these names before? Well, you’re surely not the only one since the skilled painting witnesses were overshadowed by Schiele and Kokoschka for a long time. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey through Cubism, Expressionism and New Objectivity. Extremely striking!
Wien Museum, Karlsplatz 8, 1040 Vienna. January 28 - May 16. Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00. 10 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Eric Jarosinski
Eric Jarosinski: NeinQuarterly
He’s a star in New York, ditto in the Internet. The full-time naysayer, twitter whiz kid and Germanist Eric Jarosinski. When he was in the throes of an extensive creative crisis in 2012, the American discovered Twitter and since then @NeinQuarterly comments any possible madness in the world. More than 126,000 followers love his moody, nihilistic and sometimes also evil virus catapult. Today, the digital intellectual is in Vienna and demonstrates how philosophy, intelligence and wit can be packed into 140 characters. Ladies, come, see and learn!
Sky Lounge of the University, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna. January 28, 18:30. Free entrance. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Women’s herbs evening
They say that there is a cure for any little ache and pain. That’s true. However, since traditional herbal medicine comprises almost 700 wellbeing- and relaxation-creating plants, we urgently need support in the flora jungle! Luckily, we can rely on herbalist Anda Dinhopl, who has already provided us for years with healing plants, essential oils and knowhow in her drug store. She even wrote a manual on women’s herbs. They also play a role in today’s lecture, which is explicitly dedicated to women’s complaints and female wellbeing!
die kräuterdrogerie, Kochgasse 34, 1080 Vienna. January 29, 19:00-21:00. 29 €. Please register. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Ellie Goulding
She is 29 years young, has the vocal range of a soprano singer, besides she plays three instruments and is already regarded as one of the greatest glamour pop voices of our time: Ellie Goulding! The success story of the British singer-songwriter reads as fast-paced as her songs sound: 2009 – breakthrough at the Brit Awards, 2010 – number one with her debut album “Lights“. She sang at the wedding reception of Duchess Kate and Prince William and tonight she blesses the Viennese disco aristocracy with epic pop hymns of her latest album “Delirium“.

Wiener Stadthalle, Roland Rainer Platz 1, 1150 Vienna. January 29, 19:30. 56,90 - 74,90 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Self-help and fields of subjects
SOS! Yes, women are strong and true towers of rock in professional and private life. But from time to time, fate deals a blow even to the toughest ones of all. Be it burnout, panic attacks, breast cancer or the upcoming menopause – together women are less alone. This is what doctor Ulrike Wilhelm thought when she founded the psychosocial association “inSich” in 2014. On the free trial-information day she and her colleagues from social counselling and psychotherapy provide an insight and an overview of the latest self-help groups and fields of subjects. Talking and exchanging experience provides relief!
„in Sich“, Josefsgasse 9/1/2, 1080 Vienna. January 29, 18:00. Free entrance. Please register. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Doris Uhlich
Doris Uhlich: Boom Bodies
Boom! Bang! Crash! Doris Uhlich, probably Austria’s most unusual dancer and choreographer, makes contemporary dance give a move on. In her latest turbo energy work “Boom Bodies“ her international dancers are virtually pushing boundaries, trampling fear and spreading openness. And all that by using the human body as a weapon. The “remarkable newcomer choreographer” 2008 and “dancer of the year” 2011 has created a true nuclear reactor show. Well then, fasten your seatbelt and join them in atomizing!

Tanzquartier Wien
, Halle G, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna. January 30, 19:30. 20 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
GEA flea market
Perfectly-fitting shoes make women forget their feet, appropriate furniture and mattresses even their spinal column. Heini Staudinger has long been aware of that wisdom, after all he brought into being the Waldviertler shoe manufactory in 1980 and later on the GEA stores. Now he radically clears the stock. This means: many high-quality samples, remaining stock and second-class quality pieces are available for 80% off! Including super comfortable shoes, cool bags and accessories, but also cosy natural mattresses and intelligent furniture. Only from 28 to 30 January!
GEA, Himmelpfortgasse 26, 1010 Vienna, Lange Gasse 24 and 31, 1080 Vienna. January 28-30. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Gabriele Buchas
Kabbalah & Geomancy in Schönbrunn
It might well be that she deciphers the “Da-Vinci-Code“ in passing, she invites to a “ascension to heaven” at the central cemetery and sticks her nose into Vienna’s most hidden corners and secrets: tourist guide Gabriele Buchas. Today she falls for the mystic power places in the Schönbrunn garden and zoo. Amongst other things, she guides visitors to the alchemy Emperor’s Pavilion of Maria Theresia’s spouse and Schönbrunn “co-designer” Franz Stephan who, like many other emperors, had a partiality for geomantic and Kabbalistic architecture. After the tour, participants recharge their batteries and relax together.
Meeting point: Schönbrunn, Garden main entrance (next to the Obelisk), Schönbrunner Schlossstraße 47, 1130 Vienna. January 31, 14:00. 15 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Cooking course: Brunch!
Crunchy news for confessing breakfasters and brunchers, who are already done with the CitySpotterGirl’s 100 breakfast tips: today we’ll do the chopping ourselves! That is, under the guidance of cooking and nutrition expert Tina Ganser who will conjure ten ambrosial brunch dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. The class starts with green wake-up smoothies and then, participants prepare Bircher muesli, stir pancake batter and bake frittata, quiche and brioche. There’ll be everything – from sweet to savoury. The communal brunch and tasting at the end is well deserved. 100% organic products!

ichkoche - Die Kochschule, Girardigasse 2-6, 1060 Vienna. January 31, 10:00-14:00. 69 €. Please register. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Cinderella – a life script?
To be honest, the CitySpotterGirl loves to be childish from time to time, because we have to be adult every day anyway ;-) But the amusing new production of the classic fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm in the Urania has little in common with the pitiful girl of that time. Instead, it has become an amazing emancipation play, in which a vivacious Cinderella strides through the 21st century as a modern, strong and self-confident woman. She doesn’t give a damn about conventions, beauty ideals and fairy princes. And she shows how future princesses between Prada and crash diets get along well by themselves:-)
Urania Wien, Uraniastraße 1, 1010 Vienna. January 28 – February 2. 16:00. 11 €. Web 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Candlelight dinner am Himmel
Valentine’s raffle! In love, engaged, married, divorced – in the course of their (love)life women are going through several stages of limerence ;-) For those who are currently in a cuddle and romantic mood instead of buoyantly enjoying their single life, the CitySpotterGirl now raffles three 3-course-heartbeat-candlelight-dinners for two! Just participate until 10 February, recommend the newsletter to your friends and with a little luck, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable evening am Himmel with your current Valentine only 3 days later. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach :-)
Raffle CitySpotterGirl, deadline 10 February 2016. Information and legal notices online
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Kunsthalle: Pop-Up Library
Incredible! Since the Kunsthalle doesn’t have a library, an approximated 16,000 books are lying dormant in the hallways and offices of the museum! The think tank “Denkfabrik”, a group of experts and friends of the house, wanted to put an end to this situation and just turned the problem into an interactive art experiment. Everyone willing to do so is now invited to participate in setting up the pop up library. So, get your librarian costume, a bun hairstyle and glasses and start browsing through the collections, clearing the bookpiles and cataloguing.
Kunsthalle, Treitlstrasse 2, 1040 Vienna. Until February 7. Daily 11:00-19:00. Free entrance. Web 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Franz Johann Morgenbesser. Lizenz CC BY-SA 2.0 Wikimedia
Business breakfast with Barbara Stöckl
No, today we don’t have breakfast with Ö3 host Claudia Stöckl in front of the radio for a change, but face-to-face with her “big” sister Barbara! She is not only one of the most important media women and the “most popular talk master” of the country, but this morning also a guest speaker at the “Frau im ÖGV” business breakfast. Here, the multitalented power woman talks about her challenges and success secrets as a TV journalist, ombudswoman, columnist, entrepreneur and book author. Well then, rise and shine and learn from one of the best!

Cafe Museum, Operngasse 7, 1010 Vienna. February 2, 8:30-10:00. 13 €. Please register Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 MA 49
Winter opening Lainz Game Reserve
An extensive walk through forests and meadows is always good when one’s pretty head is spinning and one’s batteries are empty. The “season opening” of the Lainz Game Reserve comes in the nick of time – because the park with all its fallow deer and treetops has just come out of hibernation and as of now it is open every day! Amidst 2,450 hectares of unspoilt nature, fresh air fans and sporting aces may relax, have fun and – with a little luck, even have a tête à tête with a wild boar :-) So slip into your winter gear and go out to the super green nature so close to the city. Because couch-potatoing is over, my friends!
Lainzer Tor, Hermesstrasse, 1130 Vienna. From January 30. 8:00-17:30, from February 13 till 18:00. Free entrance. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Astrid Knie
Gartenpolylog: Gartensalon
At the moment, the CitySpotterGirl is of two minds. On the one hand, she is longing for a glittery winter wonderland, on the other hand she is already eager for spring. The Gartenpolylog association (see the tip in the book “Genial Gärtnern”!), that establishes networks between future community gardeners and spreads green knowhow on urban city improvement, also tends towards the buds-springing green. As of now, they seed and harvest on the first Wednesday of each month. The Gartensalon provides a relaxed atmosphere for green-hearted people to share seeds, ideas and plants. Starts today!

Schraubenfabrik, in the courtyard, Lilienbrunngasse 18, 1020 Vienna. February 3, 18:00-20:00. Free entrance. Web
Shop of the week 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tschechisches Wohndesign
Okay, there are no fixed opening hours in Radka Prutka’s shop, but, anyway, she is there almost any time. And she is sparkling with enthusiasm when she presents the exclusively Czech furniture and living accessories. A genuine treasure box for lovers of offbeat designs of the 30s to the 60s! Curved wooden room dividers, cantilever chairs upholstered with finest fabrics and (cute!) multi-coloured “nun lamps” with cap-shaped shades. Also the old leathern vaulting box, rescued from a gym, looks great as a table or a seat. Very special and very original!
Tschechisches Wohndesign, Zwölfergasse 4, 1150 Vienna. Open upon arrangement. Web
Restaurant of the week 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Adar Kaplan-Mor
Hungry Guy
As you know, I’m more of a Hungry Girl, but female guests are served as well in the newest restaurant in town. Namely, with stuffed pita. Israeli street food seems to be the latest fast food trend in Vienna, since after the Miznon yet another Tel Aviv born restaurateur, Eyal Guy, caters for hungry ones in the first district. The flat bread is stuffed with grilled chicken, shrimps and vegetables. You order at the counter and have to decide whether to take it away or to eat in the restaurant. Due to the location’s casual industrial chic furnishings, we recommend: sit down!
Hungry Guy, Rabensteig 1, 1010 Vienna. Sun-Wed 11:00-23:00, Thu-Sat 11:00-2:00. Web


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