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Tipps der Stadtspionin


"Heya Girls!"
Women, we must stick together! The fact that Vienna is such a wonderfully shimmering city is also due to the creative people, the small, unusual shops, the fine restaurants that cook the whole world into one city. And in order for them to somehow survive the lockdown, we have to spend money. We have to go shopping and eat out. We can’t? Yes, we can. Because you can also deal with crises in a creative way, like the wonderful Habari shop, which you can now visit with your camera on a very private tour. The owners guide you to the colourful products, explain Japanese and African design and give advice. At gudshapes you can also stop by the studio in Glockengasse – via WhatsApp video call – and buy funny porcelain. Herzilein Papeterie now scores with a calligraphy configurator. Enter the desired text for cards, notebooks or photo books online and it will be artistically written by hand. And for all those who prefer to spend their money on food: We have packed the newsletter full of really good take-away tips. Get out your wallet!
Wishing you generous week,
Your CitySpotterGirl
Habari Web gudshapes Web Herzilein Web
Photo: Habari
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Marco Simonis
Marco Simonis Home Dining
 Gourmet Marco Simonis has been delighting Vienna's gourmet ladies for years. Fortunately, the perfect mixture of modern local supplier, delicatessen and bistro also delivers to your home during the lockdown: with a menu of delicacies that changes weekly. Mister Simonis now even wants to give a helping hand at Christmas dinner and is preparing ready-made Home Dining packages for the big party – from finger food buffets to 5-course menus to Christmas breakfasts. Simply order and enjoy without shopping stress and time-consuming preparations.
Marco Simonis Bastei10, Dominikanerbastei 10, 1010 Vienna. Mon-Fri 11:30 to 17:30. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Virtual Exhibition: Farbwelten
 Many galleries currently advertise virtual exhibitions, but here you don't just click through pictures: Monika Herschberger and Karin Czermak present excerpts of their current work with the software Kunstmatrix – which creates a real virtual exhibition space, that you can walk through! Monika Herschberger shows high-contrast pictures of her series “Harmonie”, created during the first lockdown. In Karin Czermak's series “Landlines”, delicate pastel shades can be found alongside powerful landscapes. The works can also be purchased if you are interested.
Farbwelten. Online exhibition. 26 November to 18 December. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Daniela Matejschek
Live stream of SarahBernhardt
Slowly we’re getting there – this attitude would do a lot of people good at the moment! SarahBernhardt present their debut album during a live stream today, which brings you back down to earth in confused times: The trio from the Mostviertel sets chansons in dialect to music with harp, ukulele and three larynges. It's music that comes in floating easily from the window and then hangs around for a glass or two of wine. The lyrics are deep and regional in the three-part singing, which lingers somewhere between melancholy and lust for life. Here you can already listen in!
Sargfabrik. Stream. 26 November 19:30. Free of charge. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Max Stiegl
Max Stiegl Pick up/ Max@home
 The name Max Stiegl alone makes every foodie's heart beat faster – but Max Stiegl in Vienna? At last! The former youngest Michelin chef in the world and current Chef of the Year 2021 usually delights rural Burgenland with his toque-awarded Pannonian cuisine. Every weekend until Christmas, though, his treats can now be picked up at stattGarten: for example, the Goose Box with candied goose, red cabbage and bread dumplings or the Chef of the Year Box with roast beef, kimchi and fish soup. Each with a bottle of rosé brut. Right around the corner from our office, yippee!
stattGarten, Kettenbrückengasse 20, 1040 Vienna. Pick up. 27 + 28 November 9:00 to 14:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Frida Kahlo, V+A
DIY with Victoria & Albert Museum
Sewing an authentic 1960s mini dress in the style of iconic designer Mary Quant with three short video tutorials and learning to knit fishnet stockings with 1940s Vogue: Corona makes it possible. London's Victoria & Albert Museum, the world's largest design museum, provides unusual sewing, knitting and crafting instructions online for free. The Huipil, for instance, is suitable for beginners – it’s a tunic like the one worn by artist Frida Kahlo. Those who absolutely do not want to sew can instead learn how to program a computer game or build a lamp out of plywood. Cool!
V&A make and do. Online instructions and videos. Free of charge. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Philip Frowein
FREITAG: Bag Swapping
 Tinder for bags? Does exist! And only today at FRIDAY. To set an example against the Black Friday spending madness, the online shop is offline for one day today. Instead, you can swap your old FREITAG bag that you’ve gotten bored with for another one at the S.W.A.P. portal. This is how it works: You register your own bag with a photo and then scroll through the photos of the other customers. If you like a piece, you swipe to the right, otherwise to the left – like on a dating app. If you both swipe right on your respective bags: congratulations! It's a match ;-)
FREITAG Tauschbörse. Online portal. 27 November 8:00 – 28 November 8:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Arton Sefa
Live stream Glasperlenspiel
Going into the first Advent weekend not with contemplative Christmas carols, but with German electro pop – the chart-champion duo Glasperlenspiel live streams a benefit concert today. Since their debut album “Beweg dich mit mir” was released in 2011, Carolyn Niemczyk and Daniel Grunenberg have been enriching the German pop landscape. In their current single “Immer da” the couple think back to carefree times – a homage to the things and people who were always there. The concert marks the beginning of the Advent fundraising campaign of Brot für die Welt. A small taste here.
Glasperlenspiel. Live stream. 28 November 20:00. Donations welcome. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Cake to go at Café Chrivo
Pretty homemade cakes and hipster ambience – a Neubau café has found its way into the 14th district! The Cafe Chrivo is considered an absolute insider tip, but is unfortunately closed at the moment. But: You can pick up the cakes on Fridays and Saturdays on order. Gluten-free chocolate almond cake and poppy seed cake, grandma's cocoa-hazelnut gugelhupf and poppy seed sheet cake with sour cherries are on offer this week – and they are not only delicious, but also extremely photogenic ;-) Orders are accepted via Facebook and Instagram. For this it’s definitely worth taking a pilgrimage to Penzing!
Cafe Chrivo, Meiselstraße 59, 1140 Vienna. Pick up 28 + 29/11 12:00 to 15:00. Purchase order necessary. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Online Zumba
What to do with the excess calories after all the many delicious take-away offers? Just dance them away! Zumba combines aerobic exercises with Latin American dance music. It makes you sweat and is a lot of fun at the same time. Three times a week, the sports club Union West-Wien offers online Zumba classes, perfect then for trying it out, basically. Those who get hooked on the Latino rhythms after the first lesson and like to keep on shaking their trainers to samba, flamenco, tango & co can then get a membership.
Union West Vienna. Zumba Online. 28 November 16:00. Registration required. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Verein Ute Bock
Ute Bock Online Shop
Perfect for fashionistas and Ute Bock admirers: The online shop of the Ute Bock refugee project offers shirts, hoodies and bags with statement prints. From “bock I ned” and “bockig” to “untragbar” – if you love puns and want to make a statement, you will certainly find something here. And who hasn't always wanted to wear Ute Bock in Che Guevara style on their back? The clothes are produced fairly and the proceeds go to the projects of the Ute Bock project, which finances shelter, counselling, education and emergency aid for refugees.
Ute Bock Flüchtlingsprojekt. Charity online shop.  Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Philip Taaffe/ Albertina
Online guided tour through Albertina
Make a nice cup of tea, put your feet up and go off to the museum! Today the Albertina invites you to take a one-hour Zoom tour of the exhibition “My Generation”. The Jablonka Collection comprises American and German art from the 1980s – and it is quite diverse: from the play of light and contrast in Eric Fischl's paintings, to the constellations of form, symbol and ornament of a Philip Taaffe, to the expansive and dynamic sculptures of Richard Deacon. Art mediators like to shine with their knowledge, so please ask some questions!
Albertina. Online guided tour. 29/11 16:00. Free of charge. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 You might call them dim sum, gyoza, pierogi or dumpling – the main thing is that they are dough and fillable! The successful dumplings concept has now been given a second home in the Bobo district. The new ballroom in the seventh is like its freshly steamed dumplings: small but oh my! It doesn't matter when your ravenous appetite gets the better of you - take-away and delivery are available every day of the week for every taste: vegan with Hokkaido pumpkin, Mexican with chilli or Japanese with shrimp. And don't worry: the branch on Alsergrund is also open every day for dumpling desires of all kinds.
ballroom, Burggasse 40, 1070 Vienna. Maria-Theresien-Strasse 5, 1090 Vienna. Mon-Sun 11:30 to 20:30. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Mia Feline
lila Flea Market
Always before Christmas, Austro designer Lisi Lang clears her stock and sells – just on one day – cool and really chic fashion pieces at sale prices. But sure, this year everything is different! And somehow even better, because the coveted flea market had to be moved to the internet – and therefore takes 2 weeks. But the lila flea market is huge again this time, with a total of 700 pieces for sale: prototypes, unique pieces, remnants of the highlights from the summer 2020 collection, treats from earlier years, lots of trousers and warm coats. With every purchase there will be a lila cloth bag for free!
lila Online-Flohmarkt. 30 November 10:00 to 13 December 00:00. Free shipping from 31 €.  Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
You will probably have to do without the cool graffiti by British artist David Shillinglaw for some time to come, but the fine food is there despite the lockdown. Using the motto “Modern inn replaces old tavern”, the folks at Schlawiener cook down-to-earth but really creatively. Some of the take-away dishes have been bottled, and you can buy beef goulash or fish soup in a glass every day from 14:00. From 16:00, the fresh, daily changing dishes are sold through the window: Ducks Wan Tan soup, baked black pudding slices or roast pork. If they have the latter: make a dash!
Schlawiener, Pressgasse 29, 1040 Vienna. Take-away Mon-Sun 14:00 to 19:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 My Place
Collection Campaign My Place and Wiener Tafel
After the success of the last few years, storage lessor Myplace once again collects Christmas donations as part of the campaign “Weihnachtsfreude weitergeben” for the benefit of Wiener Tafel. Until 16 December, all MyPlace locations will have their own storage compartments – where you can hand in durable food (such as rice, pasta, oil, sugar, coffee, canned goods), originally packed hygiene products (such as shower gels and shampoos) and baby products (like nappies and care products). Afterwards, Wiener Tafel distributes the collected donations to people in need and their children.
MyPlace-branches in Vienna. Until 16 December. Mon-Fri 8:30 to 17:30, Sat 9:00 to 13:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Inge Prader
Rabenhof Advent Calender
If you believe the TV commercials, love toys will wait behind every door in the Advent calendar this year ;-) But it wouldn’t be 2020 if there wasn’t some internet Advent calendar: In the Rabenhof Theatre's version you can click on a door every day online, behind which you find treats of the Viennese culture and theatre scene. Songs, poems, personal Advent reflections and even homemade items are available from actress Katharina Straßer, cabaret artist Andreas Vitasek and author Stefanie Sargnagel, among others. The tension is rising!
Rabenhof Theater. Online advent calendar. 1-24 December. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Steve Herud
Alimentari Hotel Triest
The elegant but ever casual design hotel Triest on Wieden was reconstructed and significantly enlarged two years ago. Currently it is quiet here due to Corona, but the kitchen is still busy anyway! In the unbelievably beautiful delicatessen shop “Alimentari”, which belongs to the hotel, not only Italian food but also food for pick-up can be sold. Every day, two dishes plus one soup are prepared – Italian-inspired, naturally. Pasta, vegetables and sugo are down-to-earth, but in terms of taste they are definitely “big screen stuff”!
Alimentari, Wiedner Haupstraße 12, 1040 Vienna. Mon-Sat 11:00 to 19:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Meditation in Silence
The Advent season is known to be a contemplative time, but when do you really take time for reflection? So today is the best time to make a little space in your calendar to reflect. Together with meditation and mindfulness trainer Doris Hintsteiner, you learn how to meditate in connection with breathing and physical space. Finally escape the constant stream of stimulation and spend 45 minutes in silence! You meditate sitting, walking and standing. Furthermore, different methods of meditation are presented, also suitable for beginners.
Moving Art: Meditation in Stille. Online. 1 December 18:15. Voluntary donation. Registration via e-mail. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Venison to go at Freyenstein
The goose is passé, but the stomachs of the Viennese gourmets still have to be filled – hence the on the fly change to the venison weeks! The prepared saddle of venison with semolina dumplings and red cabbage comes from the experienced hands of chef Jakob Kaineder directly onto the stove at home and can be completed in a few simple steps. Freyenstein fans can also order from the normal menu, of course: curd cheese gnocchi with pumpkin and olive vegetables, for example, or veal lung ragout with Servietten dumplings. Everything to go ;-)
Freyenstein, Thimigasse 11, 1180 Vienna. Tue 17:00 to 20:00, Wed-Sun 12:00 to 20:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Turnstile Tours
By ferry through Brooklyn
If the lockdown continues like this, all of New York will be virtually explored by December! Today you travel through southern Brooklyn by boat: On the tracks of the port industry you accompany the ferry under the Manhattan Bridge and along Dumbo Quarter, past the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Red Hook Container Terminal, until you drop anchor again in Bay Ridge in one of the most beautiful quarters of Brooklyn. Along the way, you learn more about industrial hubs like Erie Basin and Brooklyn's history. Perfect for seasick globetrotters!
Turnstile Tours. Online event. 2 December 18:00 hours. 5 $. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Severin Koller
A Winter´s Journey
Schubert in jazz style at MuTh today as live stream: the perfect soundtrack for a cosy evening in front of the fireplace. For years now, singer Lia Pale has been interpreting romantic art songs as songs – and very successfully. Together with jazz composer and arranger Mathias Rüegg, Pale set Schubert's Winterreise to music in 2018, a song cycle based on 24 poems by Wilhelm Müller. The highlights can be heard live today. A reinterpretation with a lot of feeling, which will not leave even classical purists out in the cold. Here is a musical appetiser.
muTh. Live stream 2 December 20:00. Pay as you wish. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Shop of the Week 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Das Ferment
Das Ferment
Something old rediscovered: Fermentation is thousands of years old and means fermentation through lactic acid – preserving vegetables gently without killing off healthy ingredients. The technology arrived in gourmet kitchens a while ago – and with the Ferment it’s now available at the multifarious Vorgartenmarkt. A restaurateur and a food technologist produce stuff like home-made kimchi from fennel and beetroot with daikon. Miso is available in three varieties: traditionally soy-based, as “mugi” with local organic barley, or with chickpeas. And for thirst: kefir and bubbly kombucha.
Das Ferment, Vorgartenmarkt stall 30, 1020 Vienna. Tue-Fri 11:00 to 19:00, Sat 8:00 to 16:00. Web
Restaurant of the Week 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
das suess`kind
It' s quite audacious to open a new restaurant in times like these. But since so much love and finesse are put into the work here, they have already cooked up a lot of fans anyway. “Veganery” is the name of the casually furnished snack bar, take away has always been part of the concept. Organic and vegan is their principle in the kitchen, several vegetable dishes are prepared every day, which are then composed into a varied “potpourri”. You eat with your eyes as well – and since the chef is an artist, even the take away portions are served very artfully. Be sure to try the cinnamon swirls!
das suess'kind, Sparefrohgasse 1, 1030 Vienna. Mon-Fri 11:00 to 15:00. Web


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