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"Heya Girls!"
Great cinema under the starry sky! Currently, the projector is turned on in Vienna on roofs (main library), on squares (Volxkino) and in front of the city hall at dusk. But the most beautiful open-air cinema in the city is located at the Augartenspitz starting this week. In the romantic garden of the Filmarchiv, extraordinary Vienna films from the past 100 years will be shown this year. From “Before Sunrise” with a super-handsome Ethan Hawke to “The Third Man” and the monumental “Sodom and Gomorrah”, which was shot in 1922 with 3,000 extras in Oberlaa. It is best combined with a visit to the “Grünstern Heurigen”, where you can treat yourself before and after the cinema in the midst of a magically overgrown piece of city jungle. On the menu is organic regional food only and the creatively put together pallet pavilion is as legendary as the open fireplace. That's how I like summer in the city!
Wishing you a relaxed week,
Your CitySpotterGirl
Kino wie noch nie, Augartenspitz, Obere Augartenstraße 1, 1020 Vienna. 9 July-16 August 21:30. 8.50 €. Web
Photo: Filmarchiv Austria
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Sale at Combinat
Oldies but goldies! Beautiful highlights from the current summer collections are currently wandering over the counter in the Combinat. And that at incredibly low prices: the selected pieces by designers such as Pitour, Artista, Plural or Iamyou are being successively reduced: The higher the temperatures, the lower the prices! So instead of sweating, you can add a few cool pieces to your summer wardrobe: in a purist sweater or an airy striped dress, as a business lady or in a chill, casual look. At Combinat they certainly know how to seduce urban fashionistas ;-)

Combinat, quartier21/MQ, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna. Tue-Sat 12:00 to 19:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Süßes Eck
Noagerl snacking at Süßes Eck
Happiness can’t be bought – but chocolate can! The best place for it today is the small confectionery Süßes Eck. Since the charming bonbon shop goes on a summer break from tomorrow, all open chocolate treats are available at half price. It’s called “Noagerl-snacking”: leftover eating for the chocolate-obsessed, so to speak. In the display case, fresh cream truffles, French cream nougat or creative Spanish chocolate, plus bonbons and liquorice, await you. But you won't break a sweat in light of the huge selection for it's wonderfully cool here. And all is well – because it’s made of chocolate ;-)

Confiserie zum Süßen Eck, Währinger Straße 65, 1090 Vienna. 9 July 12:00 to 18:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Jork Weismann
ImPulsTanz: Public Moves
The summit meeting for dance enthusiasts: despite many Corona cancellations, the “ImPulsTanz” festival cannot be stopped from setting the whole city in motion. Instead of performances by dance stars, the workshops “Public Moves at seven locations in the city” will now take place several times a day – all free of charge. The range of choices is huge and participation is open to everyone, whether beginner or professional! The workshops include African dance, ballet, hip hop, Afro-Haitian dance, Bollywood, voguing and contemporary dance. The first classes start today. Swing it, baby!
ImPulsTanz, several location in Vienna. From 9 July. Free of charge. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 XX ART Flânerie
XX Art Flanerie
Roam through the alleys and let yourself drift from show to show: that’s one way to do summer in the city. The brand-new cultural festival XX Art Flanerie comes to the streets of the 15th district from today, there will be open galleries, DJ sessions and live paintings and performances for 8 days. Most of the acts are located on Schwendergasse and Reindorfgasse: works by street art artist Btoy are exhibited in the Artis.Love Studio and the hip-hop duo “Klitclique” performs in the group show 20 Dada. At Improper Walls there is also a party. Well, let's go for a stroll.

Various locations Schwendergasse/ Reindorfgasse, 1150 Vienna. 10-18 July 17:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Anita Fuchs
Moths at Schweizergarten
They only become active in the dark and are usually unknown: the moths. Today, on an exploration tour with artist Anita Fuchs and zoologist Martin Lödl, you will roam the nocturnal Schweizer Garten to discover these fluttering creatures. In the urban wilderness of the garden, the two start an attempt to catch the light: the animals are attracted by a blue and ultraviolet tower and then mapped – although it is still not clear why exactly light attracts insects. Humid summer nights are ideal to see the ruby tiger, muslin footman and lime hawkmoth.
Belvedere 21, Arsenalstraße 1, 1030 Vienna. 10 July 21:00. Free. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Christine Nöstlinger at the 48er
Four women, a dog and a lime tree are searching for their place in the world. Phunkenwerk is the name of the young theatre troupe which today plays stories by Christine Nöstlinger for adults with free admission. And in a super-cool location: at the 48er Tandler (junk dealer)! The theatre collective has conjured up a humorous show about taking root and growing up. By the way, the demand was so great that they had to play twice in a row! And after that there are cobblestone brownies and peach punch. Be sure to sign up in advance!
MA 48er Tandler, Einsiedlergasse 2, 1050 Vienna. 10 July 18:00 or 20:00. Free of charge. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Carina Antl
Marina & the Kats
“Swingsalabim” is the name of the new album of the Austrian neo swing band Marina & the Kats – and that's exactly how their style can be described: swing with a dash of magic. At 19:30, the fine construction gap concert starts – with free admission. (Listen in here.) Afterwards “Balboa, Baby!” calls for a silent dance in the building gap. Silent? Well, because of the headphones they hand out. Until 23:00 you can choose between 2 channels – do you prefer Hot Jazz or rather Lindy Hop? Charleston, Shag, Balboa, L'Amourhatscher – alone or in pairs, today we dance till we drop. Place cards required!
New Marx, Karl-Farkas-Gasse 1, 1030 Vienna. 11 July, 19:30. Free admission. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Klimt Villa Wien
Gustav Klimt Birthday Party
Gustav Klimt would be 158 years old now, which is why there’s a big celebration today at “his” studio (plus garden) in Hietzing. In order to mark the occasion, they host the exhibition “Klimt lost” and curators offer guided tours through the villa and the exhibition. They also offer refreshments and drinks in the garden and at the salon. And Klimt’s great-granddaughter and fashion designer Brigitte Hubert-Mader will be there to tell family stories. Gustav groupies definitely can’t miss out on this! And the first hundred guests will receive Klimty goodie bags. Oh happy (Birth-)Day!
Klimt Villa, Feldmühlgasse 11, 1130 Vienna. 11 July 10:00 to 19:00. 8 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
lila flea market and sale
Timeless, with innumerable possibilities for combination and always comfortable: designer Lisi Lang brings summer clothes and swimwear from her fashion label “lila” from previous years from the warehouse. For sale-hunters, the flea market offers classic blouses, light jackets and dresses made of jersey and viscose – sometimes in bold monochrome shades, with high-necked shirt collars or in playfully gaudy flower prints. In front of the shop, drinks and music are also served in the blossoming beer garden with its Hollywood swing for as refreshments during the shopping experience. Only until today!
lila, Westbahnstraße 3, 1070 Vienna. 7-11 July. Tue - Fri 12:00 to 18:00, Sat 11:00 to 17:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Technisches Museum Wien
Corona Impact in 17 stations
How normal is this “new normality” now? Has Corona caused new grievances or simply made inequalities visible? From today, the pop-up exhibition “Corona Impact: Mementos in 17 stations” at the Technical Museum is devoted to critical questions about the crisis and the new circumstances. It is the first museum installation across Austria on the effects of Covid-19! But your own actions should be questioned, too: Did you give in to panic buying? How much data are we prepared to give away for a feeling of security? Tricky and fascinating!
Technischen Museum, Mariahilfer Straße 212, 1140 Vienna. From 9 July. Mon-Sun 10:00 to 18:00. 14 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Free Walking Tour
Quite astonishing how much you don't even know about your own city yet. To discover Vienna anew, there are now the Free Walking Tours, where guests decide in the end how much they want to pay. Certified “Austrian Guides” will show you the most beautiful places in Vienna and reveal little-known stories and details. Who knew that the staircase of the Albertina consists of large pieces of the former city wall (Augustiner bastion)? And that the largely unknown eagle gate to the Hofburg still shows two eagles from the Nazi era. A walk for new re-explorers and connoisseurs!
Meeting point: Staatsoper by the opera fountain, Opernring, 1010 Vienna. 12 July 10:15. Recommended price 10€. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Sabine Klimpt
Play boules for free
The Hotel Zeitgeist at Hauptbahnhof is a nice hotel, not only for tourists to stay overnight, but also for non-guests to chill or do sports. In the inner courtyard, the modern building has a rather cool garden, with sun loungers, a lot of green, gymnastics possibilities, a badminton court, Vienna's smallest (!) golf course and also an area for playing boules! The balls can be borrowed for free at the reception, refreshments and drinks can be ordered in the cafe “Pergola” and in the shady courtyard the heat is much easier to bear. Cool!
Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna, Sonnwendgasse 15, 1100 Vienna. Free. Web 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Yann L'Henoret
Jean Paul Gaultier: Freak & Chic
A documentary extraordinaire! In his Fashion Freak Show at the Folies Bergère in Paris, the legendary fashion designer reviewed 50 years of pop culture through his own history, from his provocative beginnings to his most successful fashion shows. Yann L'Hénoret's documentary follows the exciting two-year evolution of Gaultier's glamorous cabaret and immerses the viewer in the eccentric, often provocative universe of the fashion genius. A unique look behind the scenes of a fashion spectacle – le freak, c'est chic!
Filmhaus, Spittelberggasse 3, 1070 Vienna. 13 July 20:15. 7.50 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 MAK / Georg Mayer
Bakelite. The Georg Kargl Collection
A synthetic material revolutionised everyday culture from the 1920s to the 1950s. The material Bakelite suddenly made cheap mass production of all kinds of everyday objects possible: telephones, picnic boxes and radios are now an aesthetic legacy. From today, 300 objects from the private collection of the Viennese gallery owner Georg Kargl show the meteoric rise and history of the synthetic: from the material of the hour to an icon of modern products in the age of consumer society. And, finally, to its replacement by new plastic materials. On view from tonight.
MAK, Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna. From 14 July, 18:00. 14 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Lukas Beck
Augarten Serenades
Today you can dream yourself all the way to Paris in the front garden of the Palais Augarten. There, the new summer concert series “Augarten Serenades” begins with French chansons by Brigitte and Roland Guggenbichler. The duo is well-known: she as the long-time background singer of Wolfgang Ambros, he as the pianist of Ostbahn-Kurti. Together they interpret as “La Viennaise” songs by Charles Trenet, Gilbert Becaud and other greats. Listening to them, you believe yourself to be directly under the Eiffel Tower. There is limited seating in the front garden, the meadow is open to all.
Augarten, Obere Augartenstraße 1, 1020 Vienna. 14 July 18:30. Voluntary donation. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Uschi Durstmüller
Summer Yoga
Suitable for early birds but also for morning grouches: In the Kurszentrum of the St. Josef Hospital, Ursula Durstmüller leads a summer yoga class every Tuesday morning and evening. The course in the morning focuses on exercises for better balance and stability – which protects you from bad falls. After-workers can drop by in the evening when fascia yoga is practised where the connective tissue is trained with many seesawing, bouncy and swinging exercises. This releases tension, tones the body and makes it all flexible. Invigorating!
Kurszentrum St. Josef Krankenhaus, Auhofstraße 189, 1130 Vienna. 14 July 8:30 and 19:30. 18 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 BigsMile Club
Latin at the river
This is gonna be hot! On the Donaukanal, the Open Air Even “Latin am Fluss” spreads Cuban flair like on the promenade in Havana. Every Wednesday and Sunday there are Salsa and Bachata classes followed by Silent Disco from live DJs. The dancing focuses on Salsa today, the steps are taught by professional Latin dance trainers such as the professional dancer Javier Marin from Colombia. Afterwards, you can apply what you have learned and the dance floor becomes an open floor with sounds like Kizomba, Merenque and Reggaeton. Vamos a bailar!
Meeting place: Danube Canal banks under the “Motto am Fluss”. 15 July 19:30. 6 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Schwimmverein Donaukanal
Swim Club Donaukanal
This summer will herald the renaissance of urban swimming! 100 years ago, the Danube Canal was already a popular bathing resort, the old swimming culture is now revived by 4 students of the Applied Arts. Their newly founded “Schwimmverein Donaukanal” turns the underrated city waters into the coolest bathing resort of the season. The necessary infrastructure is basically located right by the canal: The Kunst Haus Wien now offers lockers and cabins, and towels and bathing shoes can be borrowed against a deposit. Swimming at your own risk, of course.
Kunst Haus Wien, Untere Weißgerberstraße 13, 1030 Vienna. From 9 July. Mon - Sun 10:00 to 18:00. Web
Shop of the Week 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Andrea Lems
Andrea Lems’ goal: to bring mainly small brands and brands founded by women to Vienna with her new concept store. She chooses everything herself for her fine, minimalistically furnished shop: stationery and living room decoration from the Danish label Kartotek and booklets with tropical palm trees and chic gold embossing from All the ways to say from France. Among all the pretty things you can also find the sustainable (also vegan) leather bags from her own label NEAT. And she also makes delicate bracelets herself – handmade with pearls, rose quartz and semi-precious stones.
Maisonette, Gumpendorfer Straße 66, 1060 Vienna. Wed, Thu 11:00 to 18:00, Fri 13:00 to 18:00, Sat 11:00 to 17:00. Web
Restaurant of the Week 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Puristically elegant furnishing, individual blades of grass as decoration and a hidden garden with a gazebo: someone with good taste is at work here. The menu joins the unusualness: they serve tomatoes in a broth with hazelnuts, the puristic galliney is served with big beans and chanterelle. You can tell that head chef and owner Oliver Lucas (he’s English) is on the trail of flavours – and has previously worked at Steirereck. So, gourmet cuisine and totally likable service! And by the way: since there are basically no “filling side dishes”, their meals make for the the perfect low-carb food.
grace, Danhausergasse 3, 1040 Vienna. Tue-Fri from 18:30, Sat 12:00 to 15:00 and from 18:30.


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