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"Heya Girls!"
I always knew it anyway, but now there is proof: we clearly have the best readers one could wish for! Dear ladies who have supported us with encouraging words, emails and money: You are wonderful! I thank you – together with the editorial staff – from the bottom of my heart for your help! With your donations we were able to collect enough money for the StadtSpionin to ensure that we will survive the next months. The crowdfunding platform Startnext still needs some time to complete the project. As soon as this is done, we will contact all those who have chosen a “thank you”. No matter if you have bought books or booked a breakfast with CitySpotterGirl – as soon as we receive the addresses we will start. A very special thanks also goes to those who have supported us in the last weeks with specially booked advertisements. In the middle of March we did not know how to keep going, but you all carried us through this crisis. What an incredible gift!
Warm regards from the editorial staff – and stay healthy!
Your CitySpotterGirl
P.S. Careful: A few events this week are only online again!
Photo: Thanks, Lilly!
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Kultursalon Guckloch
Kultursalon Guckloch
This is truly a creative way to deal with Corona! You mix culture, distance rules and a closed sex show – and you get “Guckloch” (peephole). Where normally peepshows take place, artists now give shows on the revolving platform until June 15th. Two people at a time are allowed to watch in intimate cabins all around a peephole. This week Doris Knecht, Voodoo Jürgens and Sir Tralala will be performing. There are no tickets, every 20 minutes the next ones are brought in for a donation. Recommended are "brothel prices" of 1€ per minute. Well, who dares sneak a peek?
Peepshow, Burggasse 112, 1070 Vienna. Until 15 June. From 19:00. 15 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Porzellanmanufaktur Augarten
Sale at Augarten Porzellan
To arrange bouquets in style: just the right sale. The Augarten Manufaktur's online shop is currently offering a collection of various vases at up to 80 percent off. Timeless are the pieces in pure white, as well as the "Wiener Rose" design. It is one of the most famous motifs, after all. Small works of art and unique pieces are the masterpiece items with violet irises, and the "Bunte Chinoiserie" decor series is also reduced by half. Those who prefer to shop analogue-style also can visit the shop – there is now a whole room exclusively dedicated to the sale. 
Augarten Porzellan, Obere Augartenstraße 1, 1020 Vienna. Mon-Sat 10:00 to 18:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Galerie Lehner
Female Gaze
Very plastic and richly expressive are the works that are exhibited in the Lehner Gallery from today on. In "Female Gaze" Austrian artists like Deborah Sengl show with wit and a lot of force the feminine view of contemporary visual art. For example the woman armed with tampons as if they were pistol cartridges. In addition to aesthetic pencil drawings of men and women, the works on femininity, division of labour and sexuality shine with a great deal of irony, but behind each of the strong images there is a very specific message. Worth seeing!
Galerie Lehner, Getreidemarkt 1/8, 1060 Vienna. From 4 June Tue-Fri 14:00 to 18:00, Sat 10:00 to 13:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Susanne Kreuzberger
Sale at Susa Kreuzberger
Good news for fashionistas who have scribbled “economise” at the top of their list: Austro-designer Susa Kreuzberger asks you to a sale from today with the words “Beauty helps in hard times” and offers a 50 to 70 (!) percent discount on past collections. The pieces from her current S/S collection are available at a 20 percent discount. The sophisticated outfits are very impressive, for example, in the last collection casual pieces printed with strong statements catch the eye. As always, lots of black and white, but also pastel intermediate flashes in turquoise and lilac.
Showroom, Kettenbrückengasse 20A, 1040 Vienna. From 5 June Wed-Fri 12:00 to 18:00, Sat 11:00 to 15:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Nancy Spero
Open Days / New Shows
There is also something happening again in the gallery scene. As a first joint initiative, more than 60 galleries throughout Austria are opening their doors all day today and tomorrow, presenting new exhibitions and programmes. At the Michaela Stock Gallery, “No Pity!” artists talk about their works on the topic of the de/encoding of female bodies. The “Believer” collection of the Viennese Sofia Goscinski can now be seen at "unttld contemporary". The exhibition “Eros + Beelzebub”, also about the body, also celebrates its premiere in the Christine König Galerie.
Michaela Stock, 1040 Vienna. 5+6 June Web unttld contemporary 1040 Vienna. Web Christine König Galerie 1040 Vienna. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Universal Pictures
Admiral Kino screens again
Cineastes can breathe a sigh of relief: you can at last slouch in your beloved red velvet upholstery once again! The opening of the cinemas came as a bit of a surprise, so most of them do not open until 19 June. But the iconic Admiral cinema is already welcoming impatient film fans. Today a very special film is on the programme: Jane Austen's “Emma” in a completely new production by the US-American director Autumn de Wilde. Her feature film debut, however, has been a bit lost due to corona. Therefore we say: Ahoy, Admiral, fire up the popcorn machine, here we come!
Admiral Kino, Burggasse 119, 1070 Vienna. 5 June 20:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Caterina Krüger
Soho in Ottakring 2020
Exchanging ideas, listening, discussing and yes, arguing too, are part of democracy and freedom of expression. It is precisely this struggle that the Ottakringer Art Festival is dedicated to, with the motto “Wie meinen? Über Meinungsfreiheit und das Ringen um sie”. This year in the online edition due to Corona. Over 2 weeks there are online exhibitions (for example, with objects made by inmates from shells and stones), art performances with music and dance, and of course debates. They upload a new work by the 14 artists every day, for free and accessible at any time.
Soho in Ottakring 2020. Only online! From 6 June 19:00. Free of charge. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Wiener Aufzug Museum
Photo-shooting in the lift
Who knows the Wiener Aufzug Museum? Never mind if you don't. It's not really a real museum yet, but it is an amazing collection that a few technology-loving lift enthusiasts have put together. Christian Tauß and friends rescue beautiful old lifts from the scrap yard – and today they are turning their workshop-garage into a photo studio. You take a seat in one of the original art nouveau elevators and have yourself portrayed by a professional photographer. And feel free to bring along some funny accessories! The free portrait is then available to take home in digital form. Cool!
Wiener Aufzug Museum, Winarskystraße 5 (right garage door), 1200 Vienna. 6 June 11:00 to 18:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Gugumuck’s Gardenbar
Summer feeling! Vienna's best address for snail lovers, the snail manufacturer Gugumuck, opens its shady garden bar at 11:00 am today. From now on you can enjoy botanical cocktails and escargot dishes from Thursday to Sunday. In addition, Andreas Gugumuck will give a guided tour of his snail breeding farm today, including a wine tasting. The Gemischte Satz from the Wieninger Winery is a perfect match for the specialty that is served today: Cargolade made according to a Catalan recipe. And all this in a beautiful green setting ;-)
Gugumuck, Rosiwalgasse 44, 1100 Vienna. Gartenbar Thu-Sun 11:00 to 20:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Tulln ist schöner
“Little Cruise” with Twin City Liner
No, Bratislava is not yet accessible by water either. But until the Twin City Liner is allowed to resume its regular route, the ship will be sailing to 3 locations in Lower Austria for the first time. Every Friday and Saturday, the fast catamaran sails upstream from Handelskai to Tulln. And especially nice: On Sunday a “little cruise” with the fastest ship on the Danube from Schwedenplatz to Orth in the Donau-Auen National Park and on to the medieval town of Hainburg. Tip: in Orth some hiking and biking trails start, which also lead to bathing spots with sandy banks.
Schiffstation Wien City, Schwedenplatz, 1010 Vienna. 7 June 10:00. 70 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Dessert Class
A few long-cherished sweet-dish dreams will come true today! In the bakery of Cakeart, master confectioner Angelika Stöckl teaches the delicious and beautiful art of dessert. Today, modern and traditional desserts made of all kinds of mousse and creams of many flavours are the subject. We work with different techniques, sprayed chocolate, fresh fruits, flambéed shortcrust pastry and decorative biscuits. You only have to bring along the joy of confectionery. The yummy self-created masterpieces can be proudly taken home – or be consumed immediately ;-)
Cakeart, Sandrockgasse 42, 1210 Vienna. 7 June 9:30. 189 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Flea market at Liechtensteinpark
Bargain hunters can dig for treasures and get some fresh air in the idyllic Liechtenstein Park today. This is where a "real" flea market takes place (i.e. one where you don’t rummage around every week). And so the treasure collection is colourful and diversified – there are antiques, art, porcelain, jewellery and clothing, books, and CDs. And for all those who have found something to do without during the Corona cleaning, there are also free stands (for 20 €). Afterwards, you could take a walk through the park and treat yourself to a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.
Liechtensteinpark, entrance Alserbachstraße 16, 1090 Vienna. 6+7 June 9:00 to 16:00. Free entry. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Die Maßnahme
The measure
What happens when six actresses from Vienna decide not to let themselves be slowed down by filming bans and theatre stops? A quasi real-time home-made comedy web series in Corona times! The episodes are produced completely by themselves from home. Content: six women have to participate in the officially prescribed “Maßnahme” (measure), the instruction comes from the very top. Claudia Kottal, Suse Lichtenberger and colleagues struggle in the first double episode with the task “Bananas strengthen solidarity”, which reveals to them that fruit salad is quite violent. Starting today!
Die Maßnahme. Only online! From 8. June 12:00. Free. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Darkroom Concert
Prick up your ears! At this concert nobody sees or knows anything – but everyone listens. In the Kulturcafe Max in Hernals, music can be experienced in a different way this evening, the musicians play in the dark and the audience is also left sitting in the dark. Nobody knows beforehand what will happen and who will play, even during the concert the artists remain unrecognised. Everything is possible music-wise, only at the end it is revealed who has provided the sounds. To be present on site is possible by email registration for a small circle, those listening via livestream at home please turn off all lights.
Kulturcafe Max, Mariengasse 1, 1170 Vienna. June 8, 21:00. Registration via e-mail. Voluntary donation. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 mindkick Ladies
Self Defence & Kickboxing
Women only! At the Fitness Kickboxing of the "mindkick Ladies" you not only learn to punch a sandbag, self-defence is also on the programme. In small groups roundhouse kicks, front kicks and many different moves are practiced. The combination of kickboxing, self-defence and endurance training is good for fitness, great side effects are the strengthening of self-confidence and a good body feeling. Beginners can join the course at any time – and those who just want to get a taste of it can arrange a trial training session by phone. Perfect for working out and reducing stress.
mindkick Ladies, Lammgasse 10, 1080 Vienna. Trial training 40 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Keramik Fabrik
Keramik Fabrik
It’s therapeutically healing and since Patrick Swayze also considered erotic ;-) Above all, pottery releases creative ideas. A perfect place for this is the reopened Keramik Fabrik in Hietzing, where you can make your own pottery or start with a finished blank. Tools for reliefs as well as paints and brushes are available on site, if the colours still look a little pale after painting: they only become really strong after firing. As long as the self-designed ceramics are finished off by glazing, coffee and tea are available. There is no need to make a reservation, just come by and start designing!
Keramik Fabrik, Maxingstraße 3, 1130 Vienna. Tue-Thu+ Sat 12:00-18:00, Fri 15:00-18:00 Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
3 x Yoga Outdoors
Yoga outdoors not only has advantages because of less risk of corona infection, it is also simply enjoyable. Already in the early morning you can wake up with yoga on the Jesuit meadow. The Wake Up Yoga starts at 7:30. If you want, you can add half an hour of meditation afterwards, so you can get through the day much more relaxed. In the Stadtpark in front of the Johann Strauss monument, yoga is currently always done on Wednesday late afternoon. And in the 22nd district, yoga takes place on the roof terrace – followed by snacks at sunset. Now how does that sound?
Yoga at Prater, 1020 Vienna. 10 June 7:30. Web Yoga Stadtpark, 16:30 Web Rooftop Yoga, 18:00 Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Barbara Palffy / Volkstheater
Josef Haslinger: Opernball
A crush of people, posh outfits and all the stars and starlets: the Opernball may be a far cry from social distancing and jogging pants, but is nevertheless brought to our screens tonight. Not live, but as a stage version by Alexander Charim based on the novel of the same name by Josef Haslinger. The story: The guests of the Opera Ball are hit by a poison gas attack and fight for their lives. TV journalist Kurt Fraser comments on the horrible events and investigates on his own after the attack. And what about us? We're happy to chill out on the couch!
Volkstheater Stream. Only online! June 10th, 18:00. Web
Shop of the Week 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Gym bag fashion, sustainable and local: After 5 years at Vienna's markets, founder Muhammed Erbay opened the first shop for his brand Shanta in Neubau – bang, due to Corona it was closed again after 2 weeks. But now the fashionable bags can be shopped on site again in the reduced store with the bare concrete floor. The pieces made from recycled PET bottles (recycling management on point) are gaudy, the fabric collection is completely washable, and with inner and outer pockets, even small items are not lost. Laptop sleeves, toilet bags & co.: all fairly and locally produced.
Shanta, Siebensterngasse 23, 1070 Vienna. Wed-Fri 10:00 to 19:00, Sat 10:00 to 18:00. Web
Restaurant of the Week 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Don Sergio
Now this almost passes for a real holiday in Italy. The new restaurant Don Sergio looks like a noble Italian restaurant in Grado – with elaborate wood-mirror constructions on the walls, elegant armchairs and (attention!) partition walls of running water. Italian radio sounds from the loudspeakers and the menu features classics from the pasta and pizza cuisine. There are no experiments, but decent Spaghetti Carbonara are of value too, after all. Funny is the "Flying Pizza" in the evening: various pizza slices are delivered to your table until everybody is too stuffed to move. 
Don Sergio, Wiedner Hauptstraße 91, 1050 Vienna. Mon-Sun 11:00 to 22:00. Web


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