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"Heya Girls!"
On a discovery tour in your own city: on Sunday you can visit a number of hidden treasures that are usually closed to the public. Because for Heritage Day many heritage-protected objects – churches, castles, monasteries and palaces – open their gates. There are more than 50 locations in Vienna alone. And all have free admission, often with special tours! Particularly intriguing are the places that are usually hard to get into: like the Palais Larisch, the Sala Terrena of the Teutonic Order from 1680 (photo), the death chamber of Emperor Franz II at the Hofburg or the Makart Villa at the Gußhausareal, which can also be accessed for the first time today. Since this year’s motto is “100 Years of Women’s Suffrage” they will also put well-known and unknown women in front of the curtain. For instance at the former k.k. officers’ mess in Maroltingergasse, today’s Bahá‘í-Center, there will be lectures on the influence of women in society.
Wishing you an exciting week,
Your CitySpotterGirl
Various locations in all of Vienna. 29 September from 9:00. Free entry. Web
Photo: Kunstverlag Peda Passau
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Sale at ESCA
Autumn season with bargain hunting! The two graphic-wonder-siblings from Esca have long designed themselves into CitySpotterGirl’s heart (see shop laudation). Now many of their artful and playful fairytale & animal motif textiles are 25% off! They are all hand-printed, of course, of snuggly organic cotton quality and with great autumn-colours. Some individual pieces are even given away for half the price! So it’s now or never: go hunt for sly foxes on T-shirts, clumsy bears on skirts and swift squirrels on dresses. Only until 27 September. We’re going to catch a big one!
ESCA, Lange Gasse 19/1, 1080 Vienna. 25-27 September 12:00 to 19:00. Web 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Waves Vienna Festival
A festival where there’s a lot to explore, music-wise: centred around WUK, the entire 9thdistrict is rocking and vibrating with sound for three days. 100 newcomers rock 10 stages in the ninth district. At the centre of the action: the WUK, but also other cool off-locations like the Fashion School Michelbeuern will open their gates for Aiko, Das Moped and the Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Mangan. From rock to hip-hop and dub every genre is represented. You can find a first teaser here. Off to the potential hit concert-, performance-, and workshop potpourri!
WUK, Währinger Straße 59 + various locations in 1090 Vienna. 26-28 September. 36 €/day. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Keti Kapanadze, Courtesy Galerie Gisela Clement, Bonn
viennacontemporary 2019
Anyone who won’t make it to the Biennale in Venice this year can now dive into flashy and top-current art over here. Because Austria’s biggest international art fair starts at Marx Halle today. As many as 110 galleries, from the local Hilger to l’étrangère in London and institutions from 26 countries are joining in, and you can admire the works of hundreds of artists. Plus: great side events like wicked talks and live performances, cinema screenings, and guided theme round tours for art fans in a hurry. So, eyes wide open and get to it ;-)
Marx Halle Wien, Karl-Farkas-Gasse 19, 1030 Vienna. 26-29 September. 19 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Fridays for Future: Earth Strike
If you haven’t heard Greta Thunberg’s angry speech at the UN-Climate Summit in New York yet, you can catch up on it here. And then participate in today’s Earth Strike – the highlight of the global Week for Future. It’s going to be an intergenerational protest against the ongoing destruction of our planet. Meeting point in Vienna: Westbahnhof, Hauptbahnhof as well as Praterstern, from there on to Karlsplatz and then together to Heldenplatz. The Science Busters and dunkelbunt are joining in as well! By the way, you can find an interview with Fridays for Future founder Katharina Rogenhofer at the portal.
Earth Strike, various meeting points in Vienna. 27 September 11:55 to 19:00. Web 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Maija Astikainen
Vienna Design Week
Next week, you presumably have to do without sleep, any private appointments, and high heels! For the Vienna Design Week is in town and shakes things up with exciting exhibitions, workshops, and side-events all over the place! Especially in this year’s focus district Alsergrund, where they use the biggest possible festival base, the Althan Quartier. But the 190 special exhibitions, open studios, pop-ups and secret “Passionswege” in the other parts of the city also invite you to make aesthetic discoveries. From Miki Martinek’s “Horn Handles” to a culinary stroll through Food Design.
Vienna Design Week, various locations in Vienna. 27 September until 6 October. See programme online.
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Christian Domschitz, Vestibül
Vienna Escargot Festival
Nice and slow, that’s how the Viennese escargot has conquered the whole city ;-) Just a couple of years ago, only few cooking pioneers dared preparing the local Gugumuck delicacy. Now the who is who of the Austrian gastronomy scene is on board! From 23 to 29 September they serve “Escargots with Perigord Truffle (at the Hotel Sacher), “Escargots de Vienne (at the Bistrot Beaulieu) or “Vienna Oyster Plate” (at Meissl & Schadn). Konstantin Filippou and Silvio Nickol will be there, too. More than 75 venues in all districts. Enjoy!
Vienna Escargot Festival, various venues in all of Vienna. 23-29 September. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
10 Years Verdarium
If you wonder where paradise is – it’s situated right at the gates of Vienna! Or rather in the Weidlinger forest by Klosterneuburg where three art-loving friends opened the 3,000 sqm nature & shopping oasis Verdarium 10 years ago. Since then the artist, the garden architect and the horticulturist aren’t just selling their expertise but also classy accessories, tools, furniture, plants and trees. Their Garden Concept Store has long been a highlight among connoisseurs. For the tenth birthday, they are having snaps and snacks today! Furniture, lamps & co. are up to 40 percent reduced!
Verdarium, Hauptstraße 286, 3411 Weidling. 28 September 10:00 to 18:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Black Market for Useful Knowledge
Whoa: the Vienna Rathaus is turned into a solidary, hallucinating educational establishment for the people tonight. More than 100 experts are at the Ceremonial Hall to talk to the curious and inquisitive about anything and everything – and Vienna, obviously – in the course of the programme series Red Vienna. A banana wine producer talks about what fruits with brown spots are used for, a game designer reveals what brain waves tell us about our secret wishes, an architect speaks about how to plan a city in a radical-democratic way. 120 talks! 30 minutes for 1€! Vienna really is different :-)
Wiener Rathaus, Festsaal, Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 1, 1010 Vienna. 28 September Check-in from 18:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Ex Works Sale at Nanna
Now that nature is throwing on her new autumnal coat and shines in rich shades of red and gold, humans feel the need for change as well. If you want to pretty up your own four walls with interior design from the Far North and are sick of all the same-old Ikea mishmash, you should go browse over at Nanna’s. Here you will find lots of snuggly and decorative stuff in the sale – and only today at the inner courtyard of the shop. The colourful-classy mix of furniture, vases, tableware & co. from brands like Bloomingville, Madam Stoltz, House Doctor or Serax is up to 50% off.
Nanna, Barnabitengasse 8, 1060 Vienna. 28 September Sat 10:00 to 18:00. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Wine Hiking Day
There’s no better way to combine getting some air, stretching your legs and sipping wine! During the Wine Hiking Days this weekend you can taste some fine wine by Viennese winegrowers and snack a little bit on the side, all while enjoying the beauty of the vineyards – and the impressive view of the city. There are 3 hiking routes: from Neustift to Nussdorf, from Strebersdorf to Stammersdorf and in Ottakring. Or just look for a nice spot to chill and enjoy your surroundings, perhaps in the newly revived park of Schloss Cobenzl. Hearty cheers!
Vienna Wine Hiking Days, 28+29 10:00 to 18:00. Free entry. Hiking routes online
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Albrecht Dürer © Albertina, Wien
Albrecht Dürer
People like to throw around buzzwords like “exhibition of the century” a lot, but in this case it’s actually true. Albertina, home to most of Albrecht Dürer’s drawings, has collected valuable loans from all over the world and now presents the oeuvre of the Renaissance genius with over 200 exhibits: his realistic drawings, his fantastic prints and aquarelles. Like a beetle’s-eye view of a “Large Piece of Turf”, the unsparing “Self-Portrait” or the “Praying Hands”. And yes, of course the world-famous Dürer hare has come scampering over, too ;-)
Albertina, Albertinaplatz 1, 1010 Vienna. Until 6 January daily 10:00 to 18:00, Wed+Fri until 21:00. 17.90 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Mushroom Days at the Botanical Gardens
More than once, CitySpotterGirl has come across some nice smelling mushrooms during one of her strolls in the woods. But honestly, even with a fungi guide book you can you never be 100% sure if what you found should find its way into a tasty mushroom goulash (apart from chanterelle perhaps). Today, mycology experts from the University of Vienna will bring light into the dark forest. More than 200 native boletes, russulas & co have been picked; some of them are fresh, some dried and they are ready for comparison. Just bring your own finds! Meals are provided as well – with mushrooms, of course!
Botanischer Garten, Mechelgasse, 1030 Vienna. 28+29 September 10:00 to 17:00. 5 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Residenz Verlag
Renée Schroeder: Molecules in Motion
The Brazil native and top-biochemist may have recently retired officially but that doesn’t mean she will stand still! In her non-retirement and as neo-farmer, she is either on the hunt for various wild herbs. Or she talks to journalist Ursel Nendzig about her life. And that is so fascinating and unconventional that the latter has written a book about the flagship feminist. Today, the book will be presented for the first time at Café Korb. Renée Schröder will be present as well. She has talked to CitySpotterGirl about what she prefers to read herself. And as far as the biography goes: a speed read!
Cafe Korb, Brandstätte 9, 1010 Vienna. 30 September 19:00. Free entry. Web 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Boulder Beginner’s class
Ladies, there’s simply no way around it. As we know, sports kill, but you should still do some. So why not try something new?! Bouldering exercises all body muscles, enhances concentration and, once you get over your initial reservations, it’s great fun! You don’t have to worry about a fear of heights, either – you can jump down from all the climbing walls at Blockfabric. And for starting out, there is no need for special climbing equipment. For the 2-hour beginner’s class you can borrow climbing shoes for free. So just quickly learn the most important climbing basics and break down barriers.
Blockfabrik, Schloßgasse 10-12, 1050 Vienna. 30 September 20:00 to 22:00. 30 € + entry 9.50 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Angelo Kreuzberger
New Dirndl Collection & Jubilee
I just want to start here with a Wow! Because there is no other way of describing the new Afro-Dirndl designs by designer Barbara Alli. For exactly 5 years now, the Ghana native and Viennese-by-choice has been running her label “Hand Made Story”, which makes sure ladies can wrap themselves in bright colours, African patterns and joie de vivre in style. Truly nifty: her new collection „More than a Dirndl” which features dresses of different lengths, necklines and aprons. Today the eye-catchers are presented on the runway. Dress code: traditional costume or cocktail!
Hand Made Story, Wiedner Hauptstraße 23-25, 1040 Vienna. 30 September from 18:30.Free entry. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Business Maniacs
Business Maniacs
The super-fascinating informative learning- and founding day of Junge Wirtschaft may be meant for the juniors. But honestly, looking at the list of experts and speakers of all work life sectors, old bosses like CitySpotterGirl want to attend as well! Bernhard Heinzlmaier from T-Factory offers insights into the trippy influencer-generation, Akakiko-boss Mi-Ja Chun talks about motivation & female founders. Even an ex-secret agent, an Olympic champion and a captain of industry will be there. Amazingly dense programme on 2 stages. Entry is free and attending a must!
Ottakringer Brauerei, Ottakringer Platz 1, 1160 Vienna.1 October 10:00 to 19:00. Free entry. Sign up. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Karina Bunt
Menschen, Mut und Möglichkeiten
This exhibition should actually be called „feminist positions”. Because that’s exactly what Karina Bunt’s oil paintings and drawings are all about. The full-time construction manager and part-time artist has now brought her favourite shoes to the screen. What is likable about it: she doesn’t do it for fashion reasons but with the intention of expressing feminist perspectives, feminine viewpoints and different emotional states of the soul. Even Bette Midler already said: “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Today is the vernissage!

Sechsschimmelgalerie, Sechsschimmelgasse 14, 1090 Vienna. 1-15 October daily 17:00 to 20:00. Free entry. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Tanzschule Elmayer, rge Media
Dance Lesson from 100 Years ago at Elmayer
On 1 October 1919, a certain Willy Elmayer opened a dancing school in Bräunerstraße. Exactly 100 years later – so today – there is the funny opportunity to experience a 1919 dance lesson for the 100-year-celebration. Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer, who is the third generation to run the school, will lead the dance school into its big jubilee as elegantly as usual. Accompanied by lively piano music played on a Blüthner pianino, you can learn dances like old foxtrot, Boston, Charleston or tap dance. The fee is a donation to the Red Cross, signing up is compulsory.
Tanzschule Elmayer, Bräunerstraße 13, 1010 Vienna. 1 October 20:15. Minimum donation 10 €. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Feldenkrais Verband Österreich
Feldenkrais Course
There is now a compelling reason to sneak out of the office an hour early on Wednesdays ;-) The certified Feldenkrais practitioner Nicole Wallner starts her weekly wellness class “Die Leichtigkeit des alltäglichen Seins”. Every Wednesday from 17:00 to 18:00. She teaches and practises the traditional Feldenkrais know-how, which means relaxing and stimulating movement-, mindfulness- and breathing exercises. This helps you gain better body awareness, more confidence and helps you dance through the stress of daily-life. She also offers individual lessons.
Sensing & Moving, Schumanngasse 67, 1170 Vienna. 2 October 17:00 to 18:00. 100 €. Sign up. Web
Tipps der Stadtspionin
Norbert Schneider at Haus des Meeres
Currently, they are still pottering about Haus des Meeres. But parts of the new glass-splendour-bunker can already be visited again. For example the brand-new concert hall with grand view across Vienna on the 10thfloor. That’s the one getting inaugurated tonight. With a great opening concert by Norbert Schneider & band, which marks the beginning of the also new programme “Kulturwelle”. The smart singer and 3-times Amadeus award winner brings good-mood hits like “Schatzi bitte loss mi ned im Wohnzimmer schlofen”: new songs, all of them in Viennese dialect.
Haus des Meeres, Fritz-Grünbaum-Platz 1, 1060 Vienna. 2 October 19:30. 35 €. Web
Shop of the Week 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
 Susanne Enzenberger
The name of the 2nd-hand shop of SOS Kinderdorf rightfully sounds like a fanfare in the fashion world! Starting now, they offer high-quality vintage items and cool accessories on 100 sqm. The shop is the opposite of musty and perfect for the 7th district bobos with its restored parquet flooring, vaulted ceiling and gallery ;-) They have a big selection that’s well sorted by colour, theme, and season. Extra pretty: the evening gowns, like the long knitted-bobble model by Spotted for 16€! The stylish store is brand-new, Grand Opening is on 28 September with -10%. That’s how you do shopping and doing good!
Babäm!, Lindengasse 7, 1070 Vienna. From 28 September Mon-Fri 10:00 to 18:00. Web
Restaurant of the Week 
Tipps der Stadtspionin
When you have that many craft beers on the menu, you had better offer some culinary company to all the liquid. And the Hefenbrüder do just that (they also own the Freiraum next door) with a special yeast that they use to make the pizzas. Though the pizzas are out of the ordinary here: the dough reminds you of tarte flambée, the toppings come in unusual combinations like chorizo + avocado or potatoes + cheese and you choose two or three types which are then served as rather small pieces on a baking tin. The feasting takes place in a styled factory hall-ambiance with bare walls and wall paintings. Cool.
Hefenbrüder, Mariahilfer Straße 117, 1060 Vienna. Mon-Sat 11:30 to 24:00, Sun 11:30 to 22:00. Web


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